32-bit CathLibCPP

Jean-Michel Bruckhas successfully updated the standard 26-bit release of CathLibCPPto work on an Iyonix using the Acorn C/C++ development suite from Castle.

Rebuilding the library

This release was produced using the standard CathLibCPPrelease in conjunction with Jonathan Coxhead's OSLib (release 5.1 or later). These were installed in accordance with the standard documentation.

The o.CathLibCPP and o.Stubs files were then rebuilt using the Acorn C/C++ compiler and linker (in conjunction with the other tools supplied with CathLibCPP).


This update replaces two files from the standard release: o.CathLibCPPand o.Stubs. Simply extract these files from the 32bit/ziparchive over those from the original core/ziparchive.

Two additional files have been added to simplify the use of CathLibCPP. These are:

This Obey file sets the system variables needed to use CathLibCPP as described in the main documentation. It assumes that all of the required libraries (Acorn C/C++, OSLib and CathLibCPP) are installed in subdirectories of the same parent directory.
This text file lists the library object filenames that typically need to be linked to when using CathLibCPP for 32-bit applications. It can be passed to link using the -VIA command line option.

Configuring !Make

A program can be easily compiled using the !Make tool. This is how to configure it:


Any of the files from the test.c++directory may be used to verify that everything has been installed and configured correctly. Simply insert the name of the C++ to compile and link. Click Maketo generate an executable file. The result will probably require a WimpSlot of at least 6MB.