Version revue et corrigée fonctionnant sur un ARMX6/
Revised and corrected version working on an ARMX6

Images / Scores 

Rhapsody4 score 01

Sequence of the BachFXVI song above converted from Maestro to Rhapsody4 and edited in Rhapsody4.

Rhapsody4 can convert Rhapsody2 and Rhapsody3 files (utility provided)
Then Maestro files can be converted to Rhapsody4, via Rhapsody2 ...

Ties in score: test with Don Juan / Giovanni (Mozart) a Maestro file

Don Givanni Maestro File
Don Giovanni Maestro file

Don Giovanni Rhapsody2
Don Giovanni Rhapsody2

Don Giovanni Rhapsody4
Don Giovanni Rhapsody4

Maestro files are correctly imported into Rhapsody2 (more than correctly because it corrects ties), but the transfer to Rhapsody4 does not work properly. There were bugs in Rhapsody4 regarding ties. Conversion utility to debug, for the moment the Rhapsody4's editor allows to correct quickly.


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