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 Dedicated page to Jim Lesurf'programs desktop version

 Jim Lesurf web site:  

 The programs below are conversions of Jim Lesurf's sources adapted for use with desktop.
Colin Granville also participated in these projects, USB and programming
 I hope I didn't make any mistakes.

  !ReadWAVHeader : © Jim Lesurf  
 Utility to find out the content of the header of a Wav file,
Desktop version of the program. : download

!USBScope : © Jim Lesurf & Colin Granville
  I built this version from with help from Colin and sources from Jim.
This version is functional with a USB audio interface, like the Focusrite scarlett USB or the Steinberg UR22MKII (mine) : download

Program "extracted" from !USBScope, very useful for adjusting the level of USB Audio interfaces: download 


Based on the Iyonix application (Christian Ludlam) and USB stuff from Colin, this version allows you to record wav files from USB audio interface(s). You can record in 16 or 24 bits (M/S) and with the range of sampling rates available from the USB device.
 The program works well with my UR22 MKII... but it must depend on the devices!!! download


The UCA202 is a cheap device, and therefore audio digitization is limited, but it can be recorded in 16-bit stereo 41.1kHz, which is sufficient for editing with Henrik Pedersen's programs !ProSound and !StudioSound .
For testing : download