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CathLibCpp is hosted by Alexander Thoukydides 
I make available the documents that are his property. they are in the public domain, please respect the copyright.

The source library CathLibCpp 26-bitfiles originally on Alexander's site; download

  The source library CathLibCpp compiled DDE31-c : download

The Alexander ToolBox C++ library 32 bits version (buit with DDE26/OSLIB32/CathLibCpp32 
AlexLib Download  

Documentation  for CathLibCpp  with CFront written by Miles Sabin.
Documention  Update 32b

Miles Sabin adapted SGI's STL to work with CFront (not simple). it works very well, even if it dates from the last century.
The examples provided  with 26-bit source fully recompiled with DDE and functional.

For the anecdote, the announcement for the 32-bit version of CathLibCpp   made jointly with Alexander, it was on his site. I wanted to rebuild PsiFs to use with my ARMX6, it works. A large part of the program is made in C++ with CathLibCpp