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Pot MixVolume

Utilisation de la ToolBox et du DDE pour construire un potentiomètre linéaire.

Nouvelle version
Le réglage du son interne se fait via la commande MixVolume de l'OS, le bouton M "mute" le son interne et le bouton M es devenu VDU 7 pour tester comme dans le panneau de configuration.
Au démarrage, cette version prend en compte le réglage audio fait avec !Config.
Utile pour écouter Digital CD ou autres.

New version
  The internal sound adjustment is made via the MixVolume command of the OS, the M button "mutes" the internal sound and the S button has become "VDU 7 " to test as in the configuration panel.
At startup, this version takes into account the audio setting made with !Config.
Useful for adjusting the sound level when using DigitalCD or watching a video.

Download: MixVolume  

Mixing desk (IntSound)

Mixing sound on Riscos

Utility: Adjusting the audio level of internal sounds (also works on HDMI output). Two settings, one for the internal sound and the other for the sound mixer. (sound is wavesynth-beep.)
Mute the internal sound from the computer, the audio output being connected to an external amplifier or else via HDMI, when the sound is also produced by a midi expander or a USB audio interface, for example Maestro. Attention if the sound is muted the sound scheduler does not work anymore.

Download: MixDesk   

USB Player

USB Wave Player (only wave, sample rate according to the source file, and with 24 or 16bits per samples)
Test with my Steinberg UR22MKII, other devices?
Program adapted from IsocPlayer by Colin Granville, thank to him for the BASIC source.
Program to test for those who want, no guarantee -:)

USB_Wav_Player_Panel   Download 

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