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Version revue et corrigée fonctionnant sur un ARMX6/
Revised and corrected version working on an ARMX6

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Rhapsody4 Application

Avec la permission de Oliver Linton pour mettre à disposition Rhapsody4 .
Le programme utilise une copie des fontes PMS de Richard Hallas (une version appelée PMS.Rhp4 fontes)
Le programme utilise le module MIDI de Rick Murray. Rhapsody4 fonctionne aussi avec le module MIDISynth de Pete Everett.
Je remercie aussi Harriet Bazley pour les tests et ses conseils.
Merci à eux et bonne musique.


!Runimage test (11/09/2023) : Download   


Manuel de Rhapsody4  (version scannée)
Le même en version plus lisible: Manuel2 

Version OCR (Construit avec TechWriter)
Première partie Chapitre 1 à 8: ManCh1-8 


Rhapsody Score example

QTM to Rhapsody4

For those who would like to edit "songs" that can be listened to with QTM (STModule type) in score form. QTM2Rhap4 takes care of decoding the STmodule file that has been loaded and provides the n channels (4 in principle) in n scores.
After that you can edit with Rhapsody by gathering the n scores and using MIDI sounds.
If you don't have MIDI equipment, Pete Everett's MidiSynth module works very well.

 Arrangement and remix with a score! Musical challenge....
You need to find the instrument that plays these notes, assign it to the relevant stave and then adapt the range if necessary.
 Rhapsody has all the tools you need.
Include a utility QTMdecod to compare QTM files and scores.

There are still poorly decoded notes on the tempo side, it's not classical music, more techno...

download with examples: QTM2Rhap4 


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